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Remington 7600 Serial Number Dates




through a long thread on x-man There is even a simple schematic of the machine. The Mcremington 7600 is a very interesting and unique design. It is a single cell 'non-rechargeable' 7Ah lithium battery cell which is used as the power source for the turret which revolves the user to the computer display. This battery has been used for military applications for many years, even before the development of LiIon batteries. It was in use by the French military as a power source for pilot gunsight displays during the war. It looks as if the French bought the Mcremington 7600 off the US military surplus market. They can be purchased today on the internet from many vendors, the bulk supplier being DeMotor Instruments The Mcremington 7600 is available as a kit for under $20.00. Below is a more detailed explanation and a schematic of the Mcremington 7600 by John Wilks, starting with a detailed explanation of how the Mcremington 7600 operates. The Mcremington 7600 There are three major components to this unit, 1) the computer, 2) the rotating turret, and 3) the projector. The entire unit is housed in a sturdy metal casing. The rotating turret It is a simple electromechanical device, in that, it has two 'arms', one which contains the batteries, and the other that is the gear box. There is a belt which connects the two arms which can be rotated by an electric motor. The rotating turret is rotated by a series of small 1:32 gears that are moved by the electric motor. The motor has a variable speed control, which allows the user to vary the speed at which the turret rotates. This can be done by using a variable speed control pot. The motor is either supplied with a variable speed control circuit, or, is designed to rotate the turret at a fixed speed, depending on the type of power source. In this case, the Mcremington 7600 has a 0 - 15V DC power supply that is connected to a 12V DC motor, which in turn drives the arms of the rotating turret. To allow for a wider range of operation, the Mcremington 7600 is also supplied with a variable power supply which will allow the user to change the voltage, and/or the current, so that it can be made to run with a




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Remington 7600 Serial Number Dates

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